A warning for anyone planning to follow me: Every Wednesday is pretty much Free! post day, because I only come onto Tumblr after Shannon and I have watched the newest episode to avoid spoilers, and she usually gets home around 10. Then she has to go to bed because she has to work the next day, so I furiously re-blog anything Free! related so that it's there for her the next day :)

Just a warning. Any other day of the week has a variety of posts, but Wednesday is special :)

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So I got my ears the other day so that I wouldn’t look out of place at this year’s panel :P The only issue was, the elastic and my long hair didn’t mesh, so I had to come up with an alternate solution.

Here is said solution! I took the ears off of the elastic and crazy-glued them to a headband that I bought today. Because of the weight of the ears, I have to bobby-pin the headband to my wig, but then it doesn’t move and I can whip my head around as much as I want!

Wooh! :)

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